Organic is
our way of life

We use raw materials from organic agriculture to offer genuine products guaranteed by quality certifications.

The world of
private labels

Private labels are a fundamental asset.
They allow you to communicate your values, position yourself, and optimize margins.

In a market where diversifying proposals represent the development perspective, having partners who stimulate and support the R&D path is essential to open up new market segments.

Our mission:

  • The Organic world is our DNA

    We use raw materials from organic agriculture to transform them into genuine products guaranteed by quality certifications.

  • We carefully select our ingredients

    We carefully select our ingredients, choosing only high-quality, local ingredients to create gluten-free cereal cakes.

  • We have specialized for you

    We have specialized in supplying organic rice and cereal-based products for private label brands of GD and DO. We don't do everything, but only what we know how to do well.

Since 2002 searching for quality

We were born in 2002 in a historic farmhouse in Vercelli, an elective area for the production of Italian rice.

We began marketing organic rice, and in 2006 we expanded our business by producing organic cereal cakes.

In 2013, we moved from the historic farmhouse to the new Tricerro plant, where we began producing gluten-free references in addition to organic products.
Since 2002, we have been searching for quality.

Our approach

We at Oryza love and share the values of organic farming, with particular attention to controlling the production chain, using local raw materials, and seeking innovation with the goal of spreading its philosophy.
Full production chain control
We control quality along the entire chain, from the fields to the finished product, using innovative technologies to ensure high standards.
Latest Technologies
We use innovative technologies to ensure high standards.
International Certifications
We have the best international certifications and pay the utmost attention to meeting your needs.
Flexibility and customer care
We take the utmost care to meet your needs.

We are ready to support you.

Contact us to discover together how to meet your needs.

Who has chosen us

Here’s what different companies that have chosen us to develop their custom products say about us.

The Oryza team helped us rationalize loads and delivery times by developing a production schedule aligned with our needs.

With the Oryza team, we designed packaging with an eye-catching design that also allowed us to highlight the values of our company!

With Oryza, we found our ideal partner. From product development to delivery services, the entire team responded to our needs in a timely and flexible manner.